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Clapham chimney sweep services.

Chimney Sweep Mark is insured for chimney sweeping in Clapham. We are a professional and friendly company and offer:

  • Chimney sweeping
  • Complete safety inspections
  • All types of chimney swept & vacuumed
  • Wood burners & stoves
  • Full chimney service & restoration
  • Woodstove restoration
  • Bird nests removed
  • Chimney pots, cowls and bird guards
  • Free advice on chimney liners
  • Federation of British Chimney Sweeps

Clean and sweep, your Clapham chimney sweep, will make sure that the job will be professionally done to your expectation.

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Chimney sweeping Insurance

Chimney sweep Mark Styles is insured against any liability of his chimney sweeping work.

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About Clapham

Clapham is a rural village and civil parish in the Arun District of West Sussex, England. It lies on varying downslopes and escarpment of the South Downs National Park three miles (5 km) north of Angmering on the A280 road and north of the A27 crossroads. It is adjacent to the village of Patching.

Prominent local landmarks of Clapham

Within the parish lies Clapham Wood, which is said to be haunted. The area was under the media spotlight in the 1970s due to many strange events which took place in local woodlands which became known as the Clapham Wood Mystery.

Geography of Clapham

The main part of the village is known simply as The Street, a single long dead-end road coming off the A280 and containing the majority of the village’s housing. The Street is also home to the local school and, up a slight incline into the woods, the Church of St Mary the Virgin, a 12th-century building. The houses of The Street are a combination of 1930s council houses, much older original village cottages and post-Second World War bungalows in some of the new closes.

A turn-off from the A280 a few hundred metres to the south of The Street leads into Brickworks Lane (although this name is not commonly used), named after the brickworks of the Clapham Common Brick & Tile Company which was based there from the early 20th century up until the 1970s, although the quantities of clay available meant that there had been brickmaking activity on the site since the 18th century. The site of the old brickworks is now occupied by a branch of the Travis Perkins builder’s merchant’s company, and at the end of Brickworks Lane there is a West Sussex County Council highways depot.

The houses of the village are surrounded mostly by fields and woodland, but the increasing encroachment of housing and road-building into the area is decreasing this green belt. Arun District Council’s local plan envisages that in the long term at least in the early 21st century Clapham and Patching will be slowly absorbed as conjoining suburbs of Durrington as more houses and retirement apartments become demanded.


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Why is chimney sweeping important

Chimney sweeping - how often does my chimney be swept?

The answer of course depends how often you use the fire and which fuel you use.

  • Smokeless fuel – At least once a year

  • Wood – A minimum of once a year but more depending on usage

  • Bituminous coal is banned and no longer used

  • Gas- Once a year

Chimney sweeping - do I need to sweep my chimney if I only burn smokeless fuel?

The answer is that chimney sweeping is recommended, if you are using the following fuels:

  • Smokeless fuels – including Anthracite, semi-Anthracite, Gas or a ‘low volatile steam coal’
  • Bituminous coal – sometimes ‘soft coal’ or ‘black coal’ and contains Bitumen… it is probably the most commonly sold coal in the UK
  • Wood – some woods with a high moisture content will reduce your fires heat output and freshly cut wood will create a lot of smoke making your chimney dirty
  • Oil – including both gas oil and kerosene
  • Gas – including mains and LPG

Not only does Mark provide excellent chimney sweeping and takes the time to explain what he is doing in a friendly manner, … Highly recommended