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Mark, your local Seaford chimney sweep, is available for chimney sweeping in this area.

Our family-run Seaford Chimney Sweep business is insured to sweep open fires and multi-fuel stoves (gas, coal or oil). We are a professional and friendly company and offer:

  • Chimney Sweeping
  • Complete safety inspections
  • All types of chimney swept & vacuumed
  • Wood burners & stoves
  • Full chimney service & restoration
  • Woodstove restoration
  • Bird nests removed
  • Chimney pots, cowls and bird guards
  • Free advice on chimney liners
  • Hetas approved chimney sweep
  • Federation of British Chimney Sweeps

Clean and sweep, your Seaford chimney sweep, will make sure that the job will be professionaly done to your expectation.

Burgess Hill chimney sweep insurance cover - Mark covers Chimney sweeping Burgess Hill

Chimney sweeping Seaford Insurance

Seaford Chimney sweep Mark Styles is insured against any liability for Seaford chimney sweeping work.

About Seaford – East Sussex

In the Middle Ages, Seaford was one of the main ports serving Southern England, but the town’s fortunes declined due to coastal sedimentation silting up its harbour and persistent raids by French pirates. The coastal confederation of Cinque Ports in the mediaeval period consisted of forty-two towns and villages; Seaford was included under the “Limb” of Hastings. Between 1350 and 1550, the French burned down the town several times. In the 16th century, the people of Seaford were known as the “cormorants” or “shags” because of their enthusiasm for looting ships wrecked in the bay. Local legend has it that Seaford residents would, on occasion, cause ships to run aground by placing fake harbour lights on the cliffs.

Seaford’s fortunes revived in the 19th century with the arrival of the railway connecting the town to Lewes and London. It became a small seaside resort town, and more recently a dormitory town for the nearby larger settlements of Eastbourne and Brighton, as well as for London.

The traditional Sussex pronunciation of the name has a full vowel in each syllable: /ˈsiːfɔːrd/ “sea-ford”. However, outside Sussex, and increasingly within, it is commonly pronounced with a reduced vowel on the second syllable: /ˈsiːfərd/ SEE-fərd.

Beach huts on Seaford beach

Mark, your Chimney sweep, covers Seaford

Chimney sweeping Seaford

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History of Seaford

In 1620 and 1624, the sheriff and jurat of Seaford was William Levett, of an Anglo-Norman family long seated in Sussex. William Levett of Seaford owned the Bunces and Stonehouse manors in Warbleton, probably inheriting them from his father John Levett, who died in 1607. Levett sold the estates in 1628 and died in 1635, his will being filed in Hastings.

The Levett family intermarried with other Sussex families, including the Gildredges, the Eversfields, the Popes, the Ashburnhams, the Adamses, and the Chaloners. A seal with his arms belonging to John de Livet, Lord of Firle, was found at Eastbourne in 1851.


Content is from Wikipedia and therefore under copyright. This is the link to the author’s history page.

Clean and Sweep - Seaford Chimney sweeping

Do you have any question or queries about chimney sweeping?
Want to book an appointment in Seaford?
Call me at 01903 792 790 or 07976 711558

Chimney Sweep Mark Styles covers the following areas in Sussex

Our Seaford chimney sweep covers the following areas:

  • Alfriston, East Sussex, BN26
  • Beddingham, East Sussex, BN8
  • Bishopstone, East Sussex, BN25
  • Glynde, East Sussex, BN8
  • Litlington, East Sussex, BN26
  • Selmeston, East Sussex, BN26
  • Peacehaven, East Sussex, BN10
  • Kingston, West Sussex, BN16
  • Firle, East Sussex, BN8
  • Newhaven, East Sussex, BN9

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Why is chimney sweeping important

Chimney sweeping - how often does my chimney be swept?

The answer of course depends how often you use the fire and which fuel you use.

  • Smokeless fuel – At least once a year

  • Wood – A minimum of once a year but more depending on usage

  • Bituminous coal is banned and no longer used

  • Gas- Once a year

Chimney sweeping - do I need to sweep my chimney if I only burn smokeless fuel?

The answer is that chimney sweeping is recommended, if you are using the following fuels:

  • Smokeless fuels – including Anthracite, semi-Anthracite, Gas or a ‘low volatile steam coal’
  • Bituminous coal – sometimes ‘soft coal’ or ‘black coal’ and contains Bitumen… it is probably the most commonly sold coal in the UK
  • Wood – some woods with a high moisture content will reduce your fires heat output and freshly cut wood will create a lot of smoke making your chimney dirty
  • Oil – including both gas oil and kerosene
  • Gas – including mains and LPG

Not only does Mark provide excellent chimney sweeping and takes the time to explain about what he is doing in a friendly manner, … Highly recommended