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Our Chimney sweep service


Clean & Sweep cleans all types of chimney pots… these are chimneys suitable for burning wood, solid fuel or gas and are usually built from brick, though they can be lined with clay or made of a heat resistant materials. If you are opening up an old or unused chimney we can carry out an initial survey to check that your chimney complies with current legislation and is safe to use. In some instance we may recommend that you chimney is re-lined.

We do not recommend installing a solid fuel fire without checking that your current chimney is safe to use.

During the sweeping process

Sweeping makes a clean fire

A chimney during cleaning

Sweepinig makes a clean fire

Chimney full of ash and dirt

Chimney full of ash and dirt

Before we arrive

When we visit your home to clean your chimney we will need a clear passage to your chimney and recommend that you removed precious items from the hearth and mantle piece. Ideally the grate should be clear of any ash. We will be unable to sweep your chimney unless it is completely cool – so please ensure that you have not had a fire for at least 10 hours before we arrive.

Please note that there is a £25 call out fee if we are unable to sweep the chimney as we cannot get access or the chimney is too hot. If you are in any doubt please contact Mark on 01273 659 295 or mention any issues prior to booking the appointment.

If you have recently moved and are not aware of when the chimney was last swept we do recommend you have it swept before use. If you are opening up a chimney that has not been used for some time we recommend you have it cleaned. An insurance certificate will be issued with every sweep!


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Some of our frequently asked questions include:

'How often should my chimney be swept?'

The answer of course depends how often you use the fire and which fuel you use.

  • Smokeless fuel – At least once a year

  • Wood – A minimum of once a year but more depending on usage

  • Bituminous coal is banned and no longer used

  • Gas- Once a year

'Do I need to have my chimney swept if I only burn smokeless fuel?'

The answer is that we recommend that chimneys using the following fuels are cleaned:

  • Smokeless fuels – including Anthracite, semi-Anthracite, Gas or a ‘low volatile steam coal’
  • Bituminous coal – sometimes ‘soft coal’ or ‘black coal’ and contains Bitumen… it is probably the most commonly sold coal in the UK
  • Wood – some woods with a high moisture content will reduce your fires heat output and freshly cut wood will create a lot of smoke making your chimney dirty
  • Oil – including both gas oil and kerosene
  • Gas – including mains and LPG

Not only does Mark provide excellent chimney sweeping and takes the time to explain about what he is doing in a friendly manner, … Highly recommended