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marridge Clean and sweep - Chimney sweep based in Brighton/Saltdean

I sweep your chimney, powerwash your drives and patios and clean your gutters and fascia.
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Some of our frequently asked questions include:

'How often should my chimney be swept?'

The answer of course depends how often you use the fire and which fuel you use.

  • Smokeless fuel – At least once a year

  • Wood – A minimum of once a year but more depending on usage

  • Bituminous coal is banned and no longer used

  • Gas- Once a year

'Do I need to have my chimney swept if I only burn smokeless fuel?'

The answer is that we recommend that chimneys using the following fuels are cleaned:

  • Smokeless fuels – including Anthracite, semi-Anthracite, Gas or a ‘low volatile steam coal’
  • Bituminous coal – sometimes ‘soft coal’ or ‘black coal’ and contains Bitumen… it is probably the most commonly sold coal in the UK
  • Wood – some woods with a high moisture content will reduce your fires heat output and freshly cut wood will create a lot of smoke making your chimney dirty
  • Oil – including both gas oil and kerosene
  • Gas – including mains and LPG

Not only does Mark provide excellent chimney sweeping and takes the time to explain about what he is doing in a friendly manner, … Highly recommended